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Empathy and Expertise on your Journey through Senior Care

The changes that accompany aging can be challenging for a Senior and their loved ones. Our Geriatric Care Managers at ACE Senior Care Navigators is here to help you navigate your options and next steps.

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Caring for a Senior is challenging. Changes in abilities and healthcare needs can be overwhelming for a Senior and their loved ones. It can be confusing to sort through your options and next steps and you may have many questions: Why does Mom keep falling? Is she safe to live at home? Can Dad manage his medications okay? How do I know if it’s safe for him to drive? My husband’s memory isn’t what it used to be, is this normal? I know my aunt needs more help but I’m busy with work and my own family, what do I do? How do we pay for all of this?

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Our job as geriatric care managers is to help family members like you work through the challenges your loved one is experiencing as they age. We find solutions to help them live safely and give you peace of mind. As experts in the Senior Care industry, our team knows how to ensure your Senior receives the best support possible, allowing you to do what you do best: Love them.

With expertise in Senior care and navigating family dynamics, ACE Senior Care Navigators helps Seniors and their families with a variety of needs.

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Whether you are already feeling overwhelmed with caring for your Senior or are just beginning to explore options with a geriatric care manager, start with a complimentary consultation. We are based on the North Shore of Chicago and are available for virtual consultations anywhere.

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