Our unique approach is grounded in leveraging your Senior’s and family’s strengths to find the solutions that work for you.

With a background in Occupational Therapy, ACE Senior Care Navigators is uniquely positioned to address a Senior’s functioning in activities of daily living, falls prevention, and the cognitive changes that come with advanced age. Our goal is to ease the burden of care and worry by implementing practical solutions to the issues faced by a Senior and their family while increasing your confidence in addressing your Senior’s care. We pride ourselves on our Clinical-Functional-Emotional ™ approach with clients in order to find solutions that meet the needs of not only the Senior, but their entire family support network.

Senior at home using tablet


What does a Senior’s medical history look like? What are their past and current diagnoses/conditions and how are these affecting them? How are their medical needs and medications being managed?

While we believe a person is much more than a diagnosis, the Clinical piece is crucial in establishing medical considerations that influence the best course of action.

Senior and family


How does a Senior manage with self care, like showering and dressing? What about safety awareness, like identifying trip hazards and knowing how to call 911? What do they do for enjoyment?

In evaluating how a Senior functions at performing daily activities, we identify successes and gaps and work to find solutions that meet their needs.need. We also prioritize assessing and remedying home safety concerns.

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How does a Senior feel about their current state? Are they experiencing distress over their changing abilities or do they feel everything is “just fine?” Is family on the same page with how to approach a change in care or is this a major stressor with seemingly no way out?

We know how emotionally-challenging Senior care issues can be and we work with sensitivity and care to ensure that Seniors and their loved ones feel supported around the changes aging brings.

Senior at home

Support for you and your Senior.

ACE Senior Care Navigators knows that supporting you is a crucial part of supporting your Senior. We’re here to help address care needs for your loved one with sensitivity to your family’s experience.​

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