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Read on for the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about geriatric care management. Have more questions? Just ask us.​

How does this process work?

Start by contacting us to set up a complimentary consultation. You’ll share your story and concerns and we’ll suggest ways in which we can work together to find solutions. We will then arrange a schedule and communication method that is most beneficial for you. This can be phone calls, emails, Zoom meetings, or in-person visits as frequently as you need, whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly. We are based on the North Shore of Chicago and are available for virtual consultation anywhere. 

How long will we work together?

The duration of each client’s partnership with our geriatric care managers is unique and based on your Senior’s and family’s needs. We may talk just a few times to accomplish your goals, work together regularly for several months, or touch base periodically over a longer period. We are here when you need us and schedule our work together according to your preferences.

What if my Senior has an emergency? Are you on-call 24/7?

At this time our work is appointment-based. If we are actively working with your Senior and an emergency happens (for example, if they fall during a meeting at their house), we will of course call 911 and handle the situation to the best of our abilities. At this time we do not offer services for tending to Seniors needs on-call around the clock.

What if I don’t want to talk in front of my Senior?

To the fullest extent possible we will respect your wishes to keep our work together private. If we need to obtain protected information about your Senior, we will need either proof of Power of Attorney or a Release of Information from your Senior.

How much does this cost? Does insurance pay for it?

Geriatric care management service costs are variable and based on your goals for your Senior’s care. We will talk with you about rates when discussing what services you need. While insurance may cover some recommended products and services, the direct services of ACE Senior Care Navigators are an out-of-pocket cost.

What our clients say

Sharon S.

Amy has worked with various members of our family helping us to understand each other’s points of view in a respectful and compassionate way. She has a great deal of empathy and patience. Working with her has been a blessing to all of us.

Steven S.

My family has had to face some difficult decisions regarding an aging parent and Amy has done an excellent job helping us understand the choices we face and the various implications while guiding us in the direction we know we'll eventually have to take.

Learn more about how ACE Senior Care Navigators can help you and your Senior navigate the aging process.

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