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When you work with ACE Senior Care Navigators you gain the knowledge, insight, and most importantly, the commitment of our team to help you sort through your options for meeting your Senior’s care needs. ACE Senior Care Navigators aims to foster warm, dynamic relationships with our clients in order to provide the best care recommendations possible and ensure you feel confident throughout the process. We help Seniors and their families with a variety of needs including:


Managing a Crisis

When an unexpected event happens that jeopardizes the health and safety of your Senior it can be scary and overwhelming for the entire family. You may be thrown into a medical setting with which you are unfamiliar and facing major decisions without much time to consider them. Perhaps your Senior is okay, but their spouse or primary caregiver is suddenly unavailable to care for them. Maybe your Senior’s immediate crisis has passed but they are set to discharge from the hospital or rehab and the path to returning home is uncertain.

With our experience managing sudden hospitalizations, falls, and other unexpected circumstances, ACE Senior Care Navigators know the right questions to ask healthcare professionals caring for your Senior and options for quickly getting them – and you – the help they need. Our Crisis Management services provide direction, resources, and support to families in need of assistance with managing their Senior’s health and wellness.


Managing at Home

Your Senior may be “doing okay” at home, but other family members notice things aren’t going as well as they used to. You may have concerns about your Senior’s ability to perform basic self-care tasks, such as preparing simple meals or managing in the bathroom. You may notice your Senior having difficulty around the house, such as taking out the garbage or paying bills on time. You may wonder if your Senior is taking their medicine correctly. You also may be concerned about their safety: Did they turn off the stove? What if they trip over that throw rug? Are they checking the fridge for expired food?

With our experience in the senior home care industry, ACE knows how to assess a Senior’s home situation to address things like environmental modifications, falls prevention measures, and the potential for home-based care. Our Home Management services are designed to help you feel secure in your Senior’s ability to live at home with the appropriate support and sensitivity to your Senior’s feelings about their changing abilities.


Managing at a Facility

If your Senior is planning a move or has recently moved to an extended care facility, whether it be skilled, assisted or independent, you may have questions about their daily life and care management. If your Senior is a long-time resident of a care facility, you may wonder what their engagement in their daily routine is, how their medications are managed, and what they do for fun. You may have concerns about your Senior’s care plan but aren’t sure how to make headway with the staff on turning things around. And with visits limited due to geography or the pandemic, you may wonder how to manage all this when you can’t be there.

With our experience across the Senior Living spectrum including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing/rehabilitation, and memory care, ACE Senior Care Navigators partners with you and your Senior’s care team to ensure their facility experience meets your expectations. Our Facility Management services are rooted in understanding the balance between your Senior’s needs and facilities’ care structures and finding a solution that allows your Senior to take the fullest advantage of all their facility has to offer.

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