Author: Amy Cohen

Introducing Senior Care Industry Veteran Zahava Miller!

Amy here, with the pleasure and honor of sharing some very exciting news from our corner of the senior care industry: ACE Senior Care Navigators has grown! The number of families and senior care industry professionals reaching out to us for support is indicative of the immense need for geriatric care management services, and for […]

Staying Active as You Age – An Interview with Art Muir

While many adults have passions that they pursue across the lifespan, older adults often find it difficult to stay active as they age. Things like decreased energy and activity tolerance, orthopedic challenges, and the impact of various health conditions can pose challenges for older adults in maintaining their fitness. One Senior who knows a thing […]

Our Feature on the Moxie OT Podcast

Are you curious about geriatric care management? And are you wondering how Amy’s background as an OT shapes her role as a geriatric care manager? Look – and listen – no further. We are so thankful to Sarah Zera, OTD, OTR/L of the Moxie OT Podcast for featuring Amy and her work on her latest […]

Decluttering For Seniors

Spring is here, and that makes many folks think of “spring cleaning.” With this tradition in mind, we decided to tackle a topic faced by many of our clients: Decluttering for Seniors. If you are concerned about the clutter in an elderly loved one’s home – or maybe even your own – read on to […]

Questions to Ask when Visiting a Senior Living Community

We hope you’ve been able to join us for one or both of our webinars this month featuring information on Senior Living Communities (and we’ve got another one coming up!). One participant asked for a list of questions to ask when visiting a community, and well, we thought that was a great question! On the […]

Home Health vs. Home Care

Home health and home care are two services that healthcare professionals frequently recommend for Seniors. These services may come up after an acute event, like a fall, or as part of a routine check-up. Here at ACE Senior Care Navigators we often get asked “What’s the difference?” Read on for some of our most Frequently […]

Patient Advocacy for Seniors

We were thrilled to see so many of you last week at our webinar: “Patient Advocacy for Older Adults and their Loved Ones.” (And for more info on our upcoming webinars, click here.) In case you missed it or need a recap, here are is our best advice for advocating for yourself or an elderly […]

A Developmental Approach to Dementia

While dementia and Alzheimer’s are often thought of and talked about as “conditions” or “diseases,” we at ACE Senior Care Navigators find that it is often helpful to think about dementia as a series of developmental changes. What do we mean by that? Well, let’s back up a bit… The other day I was talking […]