Meet an Emergency Room Doctor

emergency room department doctor physician

Do you have questions about what happens when your Senior goes to the Emergency Room (also called the Emergency Department)? Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes while you’re waiting for care? How about what to do to prevent your Senior from needing the Emergency Department in the first place? 

For answers to these questions and more, we invite you to check out our interview with Dr. Amanda Friend. Dr. Friend is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician who currently serves as the Assistant Medical Director for the Emergency Department at Mr. Sinai Health Systems in Chicago, IL. We first shared this interview during our webinar on hospitalizations last week. (And if you are interested in future webinars and events, click here to see what’s coming up for ACE Senior Care Navigators.)

The entire interview is about 15 minutes long. If you would like to jump to a specific question, below are the times for Dr. Friend’s responses:

  • Tell us what happens when a Senior enters the Emergency Department: 1:04
  • What are the common reasons Seniors come to the Emergency Department?: 4:02
  • What should Seniors and families know about how the Emergency Department manages their care?: 6:34
  • How can Seniors and their families be prepared for an unexpected visit to the Emergency Department?: 10:40
  • What can Seniors do to prevent needing the Emergency Department? 12:56

We extend our thanks to Dr. Friend for her expertise and candor on this often-frightening topic. If your Senior has ever had a visit to the Emergency Department, reach out today to learn more about how ACE Senior Care Navigators can help them stay safe and healthy at home.