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Using all 5 Senses when Communicating with a Loved One with Dementia

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar a few weeks ago on communicating with a loved one with dementia. We have presented this webinar several times and every time we gain a new appreciation for the compassion and creativity required for this important skill. (And for more about our upcoming events or to host […]

Home Accessibility for Seniors

Last week we had a wonderful webinar on Home Safety and Falls Prevention for Seniors. If you missed the webinar, we are excited to share the interview we featured with Jim Whittington of Lifeway Mobility. Jim is an accessibility specialist and shared with us common home accessibility challenges Seniors face, how to consider what you or your Senior […]

Top 5 Resources for Seniors

At ACE Senior Care Navigators, one of the many things we do is help older adults and families navigate the maze of resources available to support successful aging. How do you know where to go for help, and how do you know that a certain company or organization will meet your needs? While there isn’t […]

Meet an Emergency Room Doctor

Do you have questions about what happens when your Senior goes to the Emergency Room (also called the Emergency Department)? Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes while you’re waiting for care? How about what to do to prevent your Senior from needing the Emergency Department in the first place?  For answers to […]

Senior Living Communities: What Are They?

Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar a couple weeks ago on Senior Living Communities. It was great to hear everyone’s experiences, hopes, and concerns, and to have the chance to make this process a little less scary for Seniors and families. For information about other webinars and events, click here. Onto our new […]

Social Worker Interview #4: Jaime Goldberg

In honor of March being Social Work Month, ACE Senior Care Navigators is proud to showcase the incredible work that social workers do for older adults. This month we are highlighting a few social workers to share the variety of roles these professionals have. If you missed our previous interviews, check out Colleen Collins Josellis, […]