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Paying for Caregiving Services

Before we learn about options for paying for caregiving services, we wanted to say “thank you” to everyone who joined us last night for our webinar on Professional Caregiving for Seniors. If you’re interested in attending future events, check out what’s coming up here. One of the things we talked about last night was how […]

“But Mom Doesn’t Want a Caregiver”

Do you know how many times we’ve gotten a call like this? “Mom is 82 years old, beginning stages of dementia, and she lives alone. She had a fall last week. And she is really looking forward to having a caregiver.” Zero. Instead, calls go like this: “Mom is 82 years old, beginning stages of […]

Private Duty vs. Agency Caregiving

We’re glad you’re here to learn about the difference between private duty and agency caregiving employment! If you haven’t read our previous posts on the topic, we recommend checking out how to identify your Senior’s caregiving needs and how to figure out what caregiving schedule your Senior needs.  Now, it’s time to figure out how […]

Tick, Tock, the Caregiving Schedule Clock

Now that you know how to tell what kind of care your Senior needs, it’s time to look at what kind of caregiving schedule works best for them. Caregivers are just like any other employee and usually like to work a set schedule. While there is no end to the list of potential caregiving arrangements, […]

Caregiving 101: What Does My Senior Need?

Welcome to ACE Senior Care Navigators’ FIRST blog post! We’re excited to bring you content on topics from across the Senior care landscape to help guide you in navigating your loved one’s care. Read on to get started with our first topic: Caregiving. And if you have topics you’d like us to address, we’d love […]